#1008 Hamada Masatoshi's Conviction (2010.06.06)

Conviction of Hamada Masatoshi by his fellow Gaki crew!

[url=http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ch_userid=keigoo&prgid=38117882&ref=ch_assocVideo:160s6k0u]Hamada’s Conviction[/url:160s6k0u]

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Great work for finding it.

Man how many times is this guy going to be put on trial. I think this is his third one. I think… Thanks for this! :)

wish someone would upload a megaupload link

i co-sign dude above me. :-)

Hamada needs to plead the Fifth.

(Sorry if this joke doesn’t make sense: In America’s Fifth Amendment, one cannot be put on another trial for the same crime, called Double Jeopardy.)

“Clumsy Hamada Trial” :D

The Japanese TV ads add a nice touch. Thanks for sharing. xD

pllssssss for god sake some sub this PLEASE^^

The drawings made me lol. Great ep.

Hamada getting older and older, ain’t he?

MU for u!


sorry about the file details-

thanks to d addicts and Feffiroff!

[quote:2q5tk0sf][i:2q5tk0sf]Originally posted by theco12ex[/i:2q5tk0sf]
Hamada getting older and older, ain’t he?[/quote:2q5tk0sf]

Then the title could change to “Senial Hamada Trial”

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1008
Aired on 2010, June the 6th.
Hamada goes to court! part 1. (Not a real court, but it’s not a skit either. The Gaki regulars and some guest comedians will accuse Hamada of certain crimes and if the judge pronounces Hamada guilty, mini-batsu game!