#1009 Hamada Masatoshi's Conviction (2010.06.13)

Part 2 of the joke.
[url=http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ch_userid=keigoo&prgid=38207371&ref=ch_assocVideo:1d2lbxs3]Hamada’s Trial[/url:1d2lbxs3]

Link Doesnt work.

Do you have a other link or megaupload?

Here’s the episode in MU.


Gaki no Tsukai Episode 1009
Aired on 2010, June the 13th.
Hamada goes to court! part 2/2. (Not a real court, but it’s not a skit either. The Gaki regulars and some guest comedians will accuse Hamada of certain crimes and if the judge pronounces Hamada guilty, mini-batsu game!