24 Hour Tag

In the 24 hour tag batsu game episode, Fujiwara everytime he appears he always roughly says "come gather round these manboobs" in japanese. Can anyone out there write it down here for me in romanized version? Thank you lots! =)

I was watching this tonight and was wondering the same thing. I took a few guesses based on what I heard and started using a combination of Google and the [url=http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1C:2zwe3c8c]WWWJDIC[/url:2zwe3c8c] to work it out. The result:

[size=150:2zwe3c8c][color=#800000:2zwe3c8c]chichi yosemasse[/color:2zwe3c8c][/size:2zwe3c8c]

Which I confirmed by turning up [url=http://baby.yahoo.co.jp/mama_choice/show/2186334/:2zwe3c8c]this amazing photo[/url:2zwe3c8c] with the caption "乳、寄せまっせ~!!".

Chichi means "boobs". Yosemasse is the [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansai_dialect:2zwe3c8c]Kansai form[/url:2zwe3c8c] of "yosemasu yo". "Yosemasu" being the polite form of "yoseru". Or at least that’s what the internet tells me as I don’t actually speak Japanese in any way, shape, or form.