All Out!

[FONT=verdana][b:1yh6f9qw]What is the romaji of “ALL OUT!” in Gaki No Tsukai?[/b:1yh6f9qw][/FONT]

The Romaji?..
Zein out

Edit: lol, It’s “zenin” of course:P

“Zehi auto!”

Zehi - meaning all/everyone in some cases

and Auto being the katakana for “out” in sports and games.

again, already posted in the chatbox, but don’t give out bad information if you don’t know what you’re talking about. you sound like an idiot. zehi means “by all means” everyone is zen’in. (the apostrophe is to show it’s ze-n-i-n and not ze-ni-n)

I understand now that they used zenin after I seen the kanji that was used.
I was actually about to come fix my mistake, but whatever, It’s not a big deal.

[FONT=verdana][color=333333][b:q9i2oq9c]Thanks A Lot for the replies guys ^[1][/b:q9i2oq9c][/FONT]

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