Anyone a Makoto Shinkai fan?

Mikoto Shinkai makes the most beautiful animated movies.

He started out with a self produced animation called ‘Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko’ (She and her cat) a little 5 minute animated short story told in the cat’s perspective.


He won a few awards after that and was able to get funding to make 3 more movies: ‘Voices from a Distant Star’, ‘The Place Promised in our Early days’, and ‘5cm per Second’

Chobi from ‘She and her Cat’ makes brief cameos in all of them.

Here is a link to 5cm per Second if anyone’s interested, it got a lot of critical acclaim. If you find yourself enjoying it I suggest finding a torrent because it’s really worth watching in high quality.


I saw his works a while ago. The first one Hoshi no Koe, then the 5cm per Second, then Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko (<- one of my favourite short films).

Have you read the Hoshi no Koe manga adapted from the short movie? It’s drawn by Sumomo Yumeka under the penname Mizu Sahara. It’s a great volume, with slightly extended plot.

No I haven’t, thanks for turning me on to it, I’ll look around for it. (Hoshi no Koe is my least favorite of his works though)

though this thread is old

I really like the megaupload link its really a sad story especially for the guy

but it seems both of them has moved on in their lives

the thing that bothers me is that when he could get a job he could of

gotten it to where She lives it would of been a little easier imo

still thanks for sharing

just saw the new makoto shinkai movie, it came out in theaters today in japan. Kind of a disappointment, didn’t feel like a shinkai movie, more like a ghibli movie…