Ashita Ga Aru

Preformed by the RE:Japan Crew with Hamada & Matsumoto (Live):

And another version:

I loved it from the first day i’ve heard it, i hope you will like it to;)

i like it! thanks for sharing :D

Hamada’s voice is incredible 8o

For some reason I can’t stop watching him singing :D

If you have seen haunted hotel you know why i like Matsumoto’s singing:p

But yeah, Other song’s that hamada made are also really cool.

There are many Georgia CM with Downtown with this song. For example

01 [yt]KghtZlgRUR[/yt]
02 [yt]cGHtTaPr7Yk[/yt]
03 [yt]72E6G9eU7CQ[/yt]
04 [yt]lb5sz23MTpU[/yt]
05 [yt]9iV3W6zKW50[/yt]
06 [yt]aLGJc8yKtX4[/yt]
07 [yt]WWpy6HVDaWU[/yt]
08 cannot find
09 [yt]8YD9-oi0-k4[/yt]
10 [yt]KKGT6MWbJUE[/yt]
11 cannot find
12 [yt]0luB5BgoV7E[/yt]
13 [yt]b8p2lrV1pao[/yt]
14 [yt]woVT8KbXRNM[/yt]
15 [yt]OWsoijRnIjg[/yt]
16 [yt]uqzTgm9l1U4[/yt]
17 [yt]efU7TfAOFKg[/yt]


How the hell did you find all these 8o

[quote:38zfbz4q][i:38zfbz4q]Originally posted by Slayeer[/i:38zfbz4q]
How the hell did you find all these 8o[/quote:38zfbz4q]
“Related Videos” for first video

aa i remember this…

it was such a good song… so upbeat… awesome lyrics too…

&& the Georgie adds were so cooooooooooool… no wonder it won an award

Best song ever. Love Hamadas voice!

BEst song… Who wrote the song?

Yama-chan was one of… the producer of… the… series right?

anyone has a eps. of… ashita ga aru?

By d way… Thanks… for sharing… realy great song…

I first heard this song in the haunted inn where Matsumoto was singing the Karaoke before being spooked.

I like it, its a catchy song!!! :D

Sorry guys, no one can really match Kyu Sakamoto.


[quote:2zi6t1oj][i:2zi6t1oj]Originally posted by birdy12ph[/i:2zi6t1oj]
BEst song… Who wrote the song?[/quote:2zi6t1oj]


Judging by the crowd reactions, Matsumoto and Tanaka seem to be more popular than Hamada and Endo.