Batsu 2009 countdown clock

and here i was almost panicking thinking i got the time wrong…
Erhan!!! :)
seems like everyone is so excited that even calculating hours is getting a bit difficult eh?

It starts at the same time as K-1 Dynamite!! :(

My screen can’t handle skull-bashing and butt-slapping at the same time X(

What to do, what to watch?!?!


For those who like to look at time zones.

What I find interesting is that not many European countries wanted to go with Greenwich Mean Time. It would make sense for France and Spain to go with it, but I guess they didn’t (still don’t?) like Britain :P

Arghhh :D Sure I mean 31.12 :P

I’m sure you guys can watch it from I finally have it working properly!

4 and a half hours for me! God, I hope my computer can last that long with continuous streaming.