batsu game 2009 Tanaka thai kick song

hi, it’s the original song


Shouldn’t this be in the Music section?

Either ways, oh Tanaka… :shifty:

oh sorry. :pinch:

my mistake.

maybe a mod can moove it.

This song is also played in the background during the High School Batsu, it’s right at the beginning when the baseball-team comes out to practice, with an injured Nukumizu.

Awesome thank you. Never thought to youtube this. The song is great and she’s a MILF.

This was the only song that was played that I knew before looking it up. Even though I knew it as Touch before, I cannot get “Kikku” out of my head whenever the chorus comes up anymore…same with “Yamasaki out angel” in that other song. They sure know how to change songs to corrupt you in these games.

whats the name of this woman

– 14.04.2011, 20:32 –

already found it its Iwasaki Yoshimi