Best Place to be in Japan?!?

[color=red:3iahbybq]Hello there!
Well I’m thinking about travelling to Japan next summer and I would like your opinion about the best place to be in Japan.

I really would like to know wich town or place is the most cool to visit, I’m counting on you to help me finding the best place to be there.

Thanks and anyone is pleased to help me!



Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, maybe even Hokkaido(Sapporo) if it suits you.
Personally I’d suggest Okinawa if you want luxury otherwise Tokyo is a great place for tourists.
Osaka and Kyoto have great places to go too but they are nowhere as tourist friendly as Tokyo.

Thanks for helping

You know I’m looking for places more relaxing… And with awesome beauty views…


Then it’d be Okinawa, a beautiful island, white beaches, wonderful views, good food.
A lot of japanese go there for holidays themselves since it’s so great.

Thanks a lot Gojinki-san for your help, Okinawa… I’m gonna check it out.


There are plenty of other islands with beautiful views but Okinawa is the most popular and said to be the prettiest.
Otherwise there is always Miyakojima, Ishigakijima, kagoshima.
Wakayama isn’t an island but it has a lovely beach and nice views too, or more traditional japanese cities like Kyoto or Izumi.
Basicly all the nice ‘silent view’ places are around Kyushu and Ryukyu islands.
Yup I actually had look them up to remember :lol:

Okinawa is HEAVEN :inlove:

for gaki fans, it must be the yoshimoto shotengai in osaka. ive been dying to go there, and hopefully i can fulfill my wish this august.
the more popular yoshimoto comedians get their own spot in the museum…which of course includes Downtown. They’ve got their own “house” which u can go in and hear recordings of their jokes :))
and u can also buy lots of souvenirs of our beloved gaki crew!!!
PS osaka is also cocorico+hamada’s hometown!!!

for more info:

True, even if it’s a quick stop I too recommend Osaka. Being famous for Yoshimoto and it’s comedians and as the birthplace of many top idol groups it offers something for (almost) anyone that browses the site.

I will have to choose well the place where i wanna be, for one side Heaven on earth is very catching me but be in the hometown of the Gaki crew is also a great think!

^^ I feel confuse!!!

:D Thanks guys for telling me all this stuff!!!

Anime/ Games fan = Akihabara in Tokyo. Thats like a heaven to gamers and anime fans. Oh and also the Gundam cafe which just opened not long ago. Im going next year jan so I can also see the 2011 Tokyo Autosalon.

Home page of the Gundam Cafe

You do realize that Akihabara is a district, not a very large area you’re recommending. Going to Tokyo just to go to Akihabara also seems like a waste even if you are the nerdiest of gamer/anime nerds.

Going solely to akihabara is worth the trip. and i went to the gundam cafe this summer and it was awesome^^
but i recommend to go to nijo castle in kyoto. ghibli museum in mitaka just outside of tokyo. and tokyo in general :D

p.s. if you’re going to tokyo, you have to go to tokyo tower 8)

I bet anyone that thinks going to Akihabara makes the (expensive) trip worth it must have a mountain of action figures, plushies, posters and cards, know every detail about anime/games, which make even the craziest of Japanese fans bow in awe over the level of nerdness.
For all those nerds some info, the real amazing nerd stuff happens at kabukicho at night, but most people miss that and think Akihabara is the only place in Tokyo worth visiting.

not completely but close :P

oh then i need to go there too^^ going back there next summer.

btw the trip isn’t that expensive, but then again i’m Norwegian, soooo that means I’m slightly more different then most. (meaning I’m stupid enough to live waaaaaaaay up north on the globe, where it’s generally cold XD )

I live in Finland, it’s not stupid to live around these parts (in europe). It is expensive to travel to Japan at the moment atleast with the Euro being weak. It was cheaper last year.

hehe, the norwegian krone is strong^^ love living in norway

btw roppongi on friday night is awesome. ;)

It’s about 3k+$ cdn to buy a ticket to Japan for me from where I live :P