Best way to introduce Gaki to a new viewer?!

Hey guys, I was wondering what you guys have done/shown to introduce a new viewer to Gaki? Start off automatically with a 24-hour special? Shichihenge? Etc.?

Batsu for sure. A lot of their other comedy may be hard to understand at first for people new to Downtown and Japanese comedy in general but batsu games get great reactions.

I might say that the Silent Library series are really easy to understand. They use simple rules and they almost don’t talk.

Batsu’s are also great but also take a little more time to really understand some jokes they use.

That’s true but they have to learn eventually. When I got my girlfriend into GnT, I showed her the Hospital batsu and would just have to pause now and again to explain Chono, Itao, Chiaki, etc. Once they learn it then you can show them other batsu and they’ll get the references and cameos.

Basically just stick with stuff from Gaki that involves the guys getting hurt in some way because even if people don’t quite get why the guys are laughing, they will enjoy seeing them get hurt.

No Reaction Pie Hell would be a good one as well.

No Reaction Pie Hell is a great way to start–but it depends on who you’re showing.

I think the High School Batsu is a safe one to start with. I would show the Batsu games in chronological order so the jokes just build upon one another.

English lesson - epic !! And the scene is understandable without subs.

It was my starterdrug:


I agree with Alfred, the English lesson is classic! It was how I got hooked onto Gaki, too! I really liked the Shoji Murakami Class Series too, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with the batsu games!

No Reaction Pie Hell but some find it weird when they throw it in his crotch. ;)

I introduced Gaki in three different ways to three different people:

My Girlfriend: she doesn’t undertand japanese nor english. Started with the no-laughing Onsen Batsu, the only one that I have portuguese subs.
my friend: I started with the no-laughing Newspaper, because it was very hgigh-paced, and he loved it.
my friend’s sister: started with the silent library. because there’s almost no talking, just action.

Usually just watching any batsu game will get people’s interest.
I happened to watch the news paper batsu, when my cousin came to check why I was laughing so hard. Then he saw that the guys were being punished for laughing, and he joined to watch the remainder of the last hour.

Since then we had a few Gaki marathons. I didn’t even have to explain everything, and he got their names after the first two batsu’s :clap:

Caution: Females tend to not respond too well to Matsumoto rubbing his ass in Hamada’s face during 24h tag. You might want to wait with that till after 2-3 batsu games :pinch:

I started out also with the english lesson, but I didn’t realize my friends showed me Silent Library before and the marshmallow game. I realized after a while that the Gaki guys were in those too. I would probably start with the Silent Library then move onto the no laugh High School. After that, I’d probably do 24-hour tag or the no laugh Spa. Maybe fit Masumoto’s haunted hotel in there too?

i come from singapore.

i got started off from jimmy’s english lesson in high school batsu, then silent library.

to my friend’s i’d always show subbed batsu games, matsumoto seems to be very well received by most of the people i show to.

I started out watching Silent Library, like most of us I guess… After that, I started watching the 24 hour batsus, beginning with the Hospital one. I think that if you want to introduce someone to Gaki no Tsukai, you at least need something that either has subs or something that’s easy to watch without subs (Haunted Hotel, 24 hour tag, go/nanarenjai game) or maybe even Kiki series

[quote:39h8sxvt][i:39h8sxvt]Originally posted by alfred_49[/i:39h8sxvt]
English lesson - epic !! And the scene is understandable without subs.

I agree 100% with Alfred as well… ^^ it’s a good and easy video to start enjoying this “tsubarashi” world of Gaki-no-tsukai… ^=)

Silent Library is short and very funny, probably the best for introducing Gaki. For the Batsu games, I usually go to Youtube and show part 6 of the hospital batsu. It hits with 2 legendary gags in a row (Egashira 2:50 exercises, Dr. “Playboy” falling into the pit). If they like that, I show more.

I got my friend loving GnT after I showed him the High School Batsu. Though, specifically started on the English Lesson.

I just showed my friend that part of the hotel man batsu with the hand towel group and that got him hooked. I let him see the entire batsu (hotel man) and he loved it with a firery passion only a true gaki fan has.

I send him even the most cheesiest of gaki stuff I find and really does like it.

Jimmy speaking english. thats what did it for me.

[quote="iStiRCraZy":54a7bhjh]Jimmy speaking english. thats what did it for me.[/quote:54a7bhjh]

I totally agree with you! It’s the best way to make new members and Fans!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Best start is really high school as many already pointed out.

a Good order would be

highschool, police, hospital… Then you can go with tag, onsen 1 and 2 and go back to newspaper, hotelman