Beware the Dog Board Game from Spy Part 7 and Suga Games

Just wanted to share with you all a link for the Beware the Dog board game that was played by the boys in Spy subs, Part 7 and in the latest Suga Dress Up Game Episode. ... d_i=507846

i bought this today. comes in on friday just in time for our monthly gaki night :)

Now you should get the "jumping-pirate-in-a-barrel-that-jumps-if-you-stick-the-proper-sword" one by Tomy.


maybe i will… maybe i will…

i bought the dog, the next will be the pirate 8)

nice man, been looking for a place that sold this, so gonna get this right now

Lol. Im actually pretty surprised people are buying it. ... 356&sr=1-1

Here’s the pirate game.

And here’s an episode of Lincoln where they play with a gigantic one.


And here’s the Hard Gay version of Tomy’s pirate game: ... y-edition/ :P