Cast member to what animal?

As most might say, when you think of Hamada, you think of a chimp… hell, they on the show say it.

Now, if you could call any of the rest of the cast as animals, what would you poke them to be, and why?

Matsumoto - Hyena (The group’s highest counting laughter in batsu games most, if not, all the time. Not to mention, he gets a kick of trying to get others in trouble)
Tanaka - Grasshopper (Long legs, jumps high, and has no backbone :P)
Fujiwara - Pig (He is obviously overweight, but the thing that really gets me thinking pig is the studder. Porky pig anyone?)
Jimmy - Baboon (Baboon…Buffoon… comes close, as well as the faces he makes)
Heipo - Chicken (Biggest scaredy cat of the cast)