.Cause he is really incomparable

Sheldon is really amazing. I think he is the best character on TV, he should win the prize. I admit that at the first time I saw Sheldon, he drove me crazy, but now, I can’t wait to see what kind of thing he will say, and what kind of thing he will do, some really wired things. He is kind of reminding me of a robot from some sci-fi space odyssey that’s been sent down to earth to live among the dumb humans. He is a genius and at the same time, a little insane. But sometime, I really can’t tell it. He is so adorable.
On the last episode of season 1, when penny put the alcohol in his diet coke, I think I my die cause I laughing so hard. Seeing him play that piano and singing was priceless.
I think there is lot of people like Sheldon like me .Cause he is really incomparable.

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