Does anybody know how to remedy this?

Hi all.
I was hoping someone can help me…

It seems as though I can’t even upload any of the Hotel Man Batsu Game on YouTube. I take it back, it does upload but before the video becomes public, it becomes disable for the "copy right" issues. I have never had this before. Not this fast.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Or, no Hotel Man videos can ever be seen on YouTube?



All that I can recommend is instead of a name, use a number. Like the date and part. Sorry that its not much, but its all I can think of.

It must be some new kind of system Youtube is trying.

Try uploading a random video that hasn’t got anything to do with GnT or anything copyrighted. Just to see if their system is based on your YT account/username or on the video itself.

Maybe they have a database with the hash of the block files, so it will always block when the same file gets uploaded again.

They scan the visual and audio aspects of your upload against a blacklist of forbidden videos I think. I managed to upload Batsu games (hotel included) because I manually cut them into custom little pieces.

youtube has an automatic video/audio sensor thing.

like for example, if you upload a song that’s copyrighted by WMG, your audio will be automatically muted by youtube, cause there’s a certain thing in the file that youtube can recognize and automatically take action.

this also applies to videos, and the only thing i know how to bypass easily it is to mirror the video.
i watched a video of bleach’s 12 OP on youtube, and it was mirrored. the uploader stated that if he mirrors the video, youtube wouldn’t automatically reject it:

that video in particular.

so i dunno, this seems to be the only solution for the automatic thing.
i guess you can mirror the original video(s), and then keep the subs on the right direction

Thank you everyone for their inputs.