does anybody know where i can watch nippon tv or other japan

hi there i used to watch jpanese tv on keyhole but the quality is kinda bad and i would like to know other ways in which i would be able to view it.


[url=]Here[/url:r9obwjef] you go.

I remember a long time ago there was a service for viewing many different channels from many parts of the world.All you had to do was install the software and pick the channel.

Pretty good quality too.Except Japanese channels were among the first to get cancelled. ;(!

Sometimes there are channels on like this [url:2e1zuoum][/url:2e1zuoum]

Uhmm, besides KeyHoleTV there’s also TVAnts, isn’t it? I think it has a better quality, but the channels are named wrong as far as I understand from my Google research.

So, actually, this is my question: does anybody use TVAnts?
If yes: which channel is NTV?

There is a “Nihon TV” in the list, which however isn’t Nihon TV. I also read that the channel has a different name in TVAnts, but I still simply can’t find it. So does anybody know what I mean? Or how Nihon TV is named?

Never heard of it before, I’ll download it and try.

Thanks! Can I help you with that or do you find it on your own?

NTV is really Fuji
Tv Tokyo is Really NTV

I’ll stick with KeyHole tv though.

Isn’t it lagging a lot when you are watching KeyHole TV?
It does for me…
Just downloaded TVAnts and it’s a lot better than Keyhole… Doesn’t lag at all.

Yes, TVAnts also has a better quality. It was just [i:12m5vjvm]really[/i:12m5vjvm] confusing with those false channel names, but thanks to goji I think I will stick to TVAnts from now on.

Strange for me it’s the other way around, TVants was lagging so much more than KeyHole TV I got frustrated and gave up on finding the rest of the channels.

Well, TVAnts buffers some seconds and plays then the channel delayed. This is the reason why you have to wait much longer before seeing anything. But after it is finished buffering it works fine for me.

Just got a new computer and now TVants doesn’t work anymore… dunno if it’s my computer or the program, but when I search for channels it can’t find anything.
Keyhole works, but it’s still lagging like on my old computer.

@ Outlaws0023
I noticed that their servers aren’t online all the time, so it might be a current problem. Maybe you try it again later? I actually gave up on TVants, after I realized that their servers are always offline whenever there is Gaki no Tsukai on Sunday.

well… it’s annoying that Keyhole is lagging so much, but atleast the sound’s good, the channels got the right names and it’s always working… just think I’ll stick with Keyhole. Don’t want to check TVAnts again and again just to see if their server is on.