[DTFS] Gaki no Tsukai 723 (subbed)

Alright, finally had some time to finish this up, enjoy gentlemen.



Awesome! Great to see another realease from you guys! Hope you keep them coming

Awesome!! Downloading right now!! Can’t wait!

This is awesome, but the torrent has zero seeds. Is it possible to put this on MU or something so we can ddl it and seed for the poor people sitting on 9%?

I’m stuck at 9% too.

i am too, stuck on 9% D:

haha, that’s a long time ago since i’ve some DTFS work =D

Many thanks anyway! Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work boys, we love you ;)

Why don’t you tell the rest of the folk to come here?

Sorry had to turn off my pc overnight so I couldn’t seed >_< its back up now

[quote:2bzdvz4n]Why don’t you tell the rest of the folk to come here?[/quote:2bzdvz4n]

Some of them have been here actually I think, not sure if they have an account though.

Thanks, it’s always great to see a whole episode subtitled :clap:

I don’t suppose we could get some seeders on this? Nobody on the torrent seems to have a complete copy.

Thats because I havent been able to seed a whole copy out yet - my ISP throttles me pretty hard :(

if i would had it completed, it would be already on my MU & a link posted here. But just got 48 % done yet (Speed is atm 0)

Thank you. Anxiously awaiting a megaupload link.

i had trouble with it since it plays with out sound but finally i found the adolby sound code it need it so am just posting it here if anybody needs it too


I had to leave my laptop running over night but the torrent downloaded. I’m uploading it now on megaupload. I never posted an megaupload link before so I’m assuming I post it up as a url.

Thanks to DTFS and all the seeders !

MU has some issues lately, but the link should work sooner or later.



Hmm guys, something important: when you get the file by Megaupload, put it on your bittorent folder and seed it… if we don’t do this the torrent will be dead soon.

wow thank you so much! i can’t wait to watch :D