"Endo OUT" and "Zein OUT" ringtone

I saw that shibatabread made some gaki sound FX ringtones…but there doesnt seem to be my fave “Endo OUT” and “Zein OUT” (nor “tanaka out” but i didn’t bother to make that too xPP)

So here are the 2 ringtones :)
[url=http://www.mediafire.com/?mygzrzv0zdz:3vqbg5xn]Endo OUT ringtone[/url:3vqbg5xn]

The “Zein OUT” ringtone was cut too late…I accidentally left out the “bah” of the “bah-bum!” (lol do you get what i mean) Sorry! If someone can bother to cut a better one out we will all be glad :D
Anyways here’s the link for the “Zein OUT” ringtone
[url=http://www.mediafire.com/?nvzyo1t1oko:3vqbg5xn]Zein OUT ringtone[/url:3vqbg5xn]


can i get other soundeffect by shibatabread , because the file that SB uploaded is now removed . :(

– 16.02.2011, 16:06 –

it’s okay .
thanks , i got it .

do you got the full version of ‘Zein Out’?
if so can you please upload it. thanks