Episode #926 & #927 (Amusing the Taxi Driver)

Competition of Amusing the Taxi Driver

[b:2pvih113]Part 1: #926[/b:2pvih113]

[b:2pvih113]Part 2: #927[/b:2pvih113]

Would you please change the site from veoh to another site …because my country has been banded from it …would be appreciated (forgive my bad english)

these are not uploaded by me. I am just posting videos I find. If you follow the directions in this thread ([url=http://gaki-no-tsukai.com/thread.php?threadid=163:3rqof0v4]How To Bypass Veoh Blocked Countries[/url:3rqof0v4]) you should be able to view veoh in your country.

thanks for the help

Found part 1 on youtube. Anyone seen part 2 anywhere else?