Funny Breakdance Battle Okamura vs Gori


Takashi Okamura is one of my favourite comedians…and freakin good at b-boy too.

oh my… this is good… those two are really good breakdancers, and to think Okamura is 31 yrs old during the battle… how old is Gori? it’s good to know the comedians’ other talents not related to comedy like this breakdancing thing, like Jimmy Onishi with his painting/art talent… I wonder what other talents do the Gaki boys have?

thanks for the vid link! i enjoyed it! :) :)

There is a 2nd(kinda) part

Not subbed but doesn’t really need it

found the complete episode in veoh… no sub…
im starting to like takashi okamura :D


this the complete version in youtube,

in the beginnig…okamura said something about downtown and tunnels

22 May 1972, Naha, Okinawa, Japan - Real name is Toshiyuki Teruya.
He is member of the owarai group Garage Sale :)

For your reference :

If you guys didn’t see them on youtube yet, watch the
“Hot water Prank” … just search it up, there are about 3 subbed videos.
(if the YT mafia hasn’t destroyed them yet)

This was awesome. took me by surprise because i thought it would be just a silly skit of people trying to breakdance. whats funny is that they are legit bboys and doing legit moves and yet everyone is still laughing at the beginning like if they’re doing something silly. cheers to Okamura n Gori!

:clap: :clap: :clap: