GAKI: Episodes before #820 (Sept 2006)

Quick question:

Does anyone happen to know if there is a source to obtain any Gaki episodes before #820 (approx. Sept 2006) and earlier? :unsure:

The pain in the ass known as Pandora. I already posted alot of them.

I actually collect the original japanese raws so I do have a bunch of them

This Veoh user has collected loads of episodes:

[url:2ehvz7ee][/url:2ehvz7ee] :D

If you go into Old Gaki group there are some episodes from before 820, but I don’t think it’s a complete collection. If you look in some of the other groups (like Itao series) you can find a couple there too. Hopefully there is another member who can help you find the rest :)

I have a list with the veoh-vids ordered by episode number, but there are a few gaps (mostly between episode #500 and #600). Are you looking for a particular number?

No particular number, just anything from at least 700-820 possibly :)

yo yo !

if anyone have some infos to finish the complete list here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2121 , just tell me

I Googled and got this: ... 595jckDpDy


Do you guys know where i can find episode 763 june 26 2005?
i really want to see that electric shock roulette