Gaki for Apple Progress Thread

This thread is basically to inform you guys of the progress of my recently announced project [Gaki for Apple]

[b:2bh0i9pr][size=50:2bh0i9pr][u:2bh0i9pr]N/A = Not Available[/u:2bh0i9pr][/size:2bh0i9pr][/b:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in Onsen - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]Apple Version 14% Done[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in Yugawara (Onsen 2) - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]Hardsub in progress.[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in High School - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]N/A[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in Police Station - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]Hardsubbed, ready to convert[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in Hospital - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]Hardsubbed, ready to convert[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughing in Newspaper - [color=#FF0000:2bh0i9pr]Hardsub in progress[/color:2bh0i9pr]

No Laughig in Hotel Man - [b:2bh0i9pr][color=#004000:2bh0i9pr]currently being converted to avi for hardsub[/color:2bh0i9pr][/b:2bh0i9pr]

[i:2bh0i9pr][u:2bh0i9pr]I’m sorry I’m taking a long time I’m having some computer problems at the moment[/u:2bh0i9pr][/i:2bh0i9pr]

[i:2bh0i9pr][u:2bh0i9pr][size=150:2bh0i9pr]For more information on the project…[/size:2bh0i9pr][/u:2bh0i9pr][/i:2bh0i9pr]