Gaki no Tsukai #1051 - Tennis Lessons - 2011.04.24

Endou’s dirty mind :P
Also hooray ads since nobody seems to mind them \(^o^)/

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Thank you !!! :heart:
I watched it on Keyhole, the quality was…OMG XD

Very funny episode, I hope someone will sub it :D

Awesome work Hand.

I’m just glad that I can help out.

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks for the upload.

One of my favorite moments was in the talk at the end. In the seven years Tanaka has been married, he has borrowed an erotic DVD 3 times, and has been caught 100% of the time. :rofl:

Thanks!!! Please keep sharing new gaki eps, hand! :D

Is it subbed ? ;o

[quote="Annihilate19":1wbcuzor]Is it subbed ? ;o[/quote:1wbcuzor]

Considering this episode just came out, it’s unlikely going to be subbed that fast. Subs don’t grow on trees, and they take a lot of time and effort, even for a 30 minute segment.

Now back on topic, thanks for posting this video ;)

downloadin’ thx!

Amazing… my japanese is poor but really, you pretty much get the idea. I… I have no idea what to say - did Endou lose a bet or something on this ep?

Also, Endou in a tennis dress, very disturbing.

i can’t stop laughing :rofl: . thanks for sharing

Awesome work! Now I don’t have to keep going back to post new episodes while fixing posts. :whew:

Well it heavily depends on my source whether or not i can post new episodes so keep an eye out ;)