Gaki no Tsukai dA Group

Hello Everyone,

I hope its not too much to shamelessly promote my newly created group … but I’ve created a fan group @ DeviantART for Gaki no Tsukai … We’re trying to bring together artists and to promote Gaki No Tsukai. Feel free to visit (and join if you have an account) … [url:303gqp84][/url:303gqp84] We are looking for members and artists. If anyone wants to help out please let me know, and invite your friends!


Thanks ^-^

I just joined your group.

Very cool. I shall join.

I think I will join too. ^^

[quote="Erhan":2aahktiu]I just joined your group.[/quote:2aahktiu]

Nice to have you join :) … I added you as a co-founder. Feel free to help out if you wish.