Gaki no Tsukai for everyone? (subbed)

This is a short clip I did to screw YT. No offense to German fans intended of course.


Muahahaha Good Job Zurui-san!

I totally agree with you~! YT is always deleting videos, I hate it!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :devil: :devil:

Incidentally, the producers of [i:1kdpgnsq]Die Untergang[/i:1kdpgnsq] are also banning and deleting videos in youtube because they are fed up of copyright infringement due to all the subtitled funny clips of their movie.

It was a good movie, too. Love the ending =p

The end of that clip made me laugh so much

hahahaha, nice spoof

very clever. keep stickin it to them!