Gaki Taraian Roulette

The Gaki Members decide to have a Taraian Roulette against each other resulting in… the losers having to face the Batsu game!


hahahhah zakichan looked like a dead fish when he fell - man those things look painful!

also - a side note that i thought you guys might find amusing. out of curiosity i right clicked “zakichan” cause it warned me of a spelling error and it thought i might’ve meant “Zacharia” … or “plainchant”

[FONT=arial][color=darkred:3nlf5zqv]Do you have it somewhere else like megaupload or something? Because Veoh banned my country :([/color:3nlf5zqv][/FONT]

For those wondering, this game was used to decide who will participate in [url=]Police Batsu Game[/url:3eu5mz8i]

Anyone could PLEASE consider subbing this? :)