Ghostprank on: TKO Kinoshita

Outlaws released a new subbed video of Kinoshita going in the woods to collect bugs to find out there are ghost’s there. But he is the only person who see’s them. The crew doesn’t believe in ghosts and just ignores them.

A very funny video, enjoy=)

scaring people will never get old. its funny how we enjoy someone else’s fear.

I can’t agree more!
Scaring people = fun
Seeing people get scared = even more fun:D

sweet find!! that was hilarious!

What show is this called??

Imagine that with Heipo…

Yea, It’s a pretty hilarious clip, right:)
Glad you like it!

Part 2 of this coming soon… sorry 'bout the long waiting time, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been considering whether or not to keep on subbing videos.

It’s 3 weeks since my last video now…
Maybe I should begin subbing a bit again:)

What show is it? hates not being able to read


I believe the show is called Panic Face King.

Thank you :clap:

I freaked out while laughing :clap:

Does anyone know whats the song at the end??

haha o my goodness yes imagine that with Heipo!!!..and Tanaka on camera, just the 2 of them haha


Video is no longer online ;(

[quote="atreyu_tiger":2x363lww]Video is no longer online ;([/quote:2x363lww]
and i thought i was too stupid to figure out how to watch it… lol
thanks for the info… ^_^