GnT #1002 Heipo's Oppai Volleyball

Maybe Heipo took part of this because of there is an “Oppai” in the title. Heipo loves things bouncy, if you know what I mean.

For more information about “Oppai Volleyball”

Watch it while it is still hot!


heipo is such a nut!

btw, why did they blur out his jersey in the very last scene?haha

this video doesnt work for me :confused: help?

Heipo+Oppai+Volleyball= laughs… just the title makes me laugh out loud

[quote:20mpg0ca][i:20mpg0ca]Originally posted by 4grandma[/i:20mpg0ca]
this video doesnt work for me :confused: help?[/quote:20mpg0ca] I can’t watch pandora on Chrome. But it works on Firefox for me!