Gnt #1018 Itao's Yokai Exterminating Program

Itao Itsuji and his "family" are back!

For more information about [url=]Yokai[/url:ezfr80ru].


Ohhh… this could be one of those episodes that Matsumoto could not appear in for two months due to an injury on his left hip, which required surgery!!

here’s a youtube link to it. Better quality than the veoh link.

part 1
part 2
part 3

[video]full link[/video]
The announcement


[quote="Erhan":6bya5ajp][video]full link[/video]
The announcement[/quote:6bya5ajp]

ok thx
I’ve edited the post :)

Thank you :)

Laughed my ass off, i love ITAO :rofl:


i wish the other wife would be still there… the one who was at high school batsu game too and in other episodes too.
I wonder what happen to her. But yes its good to see Itao outside from Batsu too… Also it seems to be he is doing fine after the death of his daughter last year.