GnT #1047 - Goodbye Yamasaki 2011

Here’s the youku link:


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Again, sorry, but no MU or torrent. I’m not capable of downloading these, sorry!

You can also watch it here [url:1yoyc1hw][/url:1yoyc1hw] Starts around 51mins in. enjoy! :bow:

youku link not working

Woah, sorry. This is the source link where the embedded video can found:


I give it a 7/10.

Zaki going crazy and knocking over Matsumoto was pretty funny but the second stage after Annie was pretty lame.

Sakanakun just isnt funny anymore.

Okay, here’s the link:


(again thanks to dannemannen for providing this)

Sorry for the mistakes.

I thought this one was like you say, somewhere around 7/10. The weird thing about the Goodbye Yamasaki format is that it seems like it’s supposed to be drawn out and boring. It sometimes makes it funnier, but mostly it just actually ends up being pretty boring. Still though, Yamasaki makes some hilarious faces.

Why Endo and Tanaka are in animals costumes at the end ? Last time, it was Matsumoto and Hamada…

Thanks for Youku link, I saw this episode on Keyhole, crappy quality…

anyone got this one on megaupload?

[quote="FlydayChinatown":15f44nmk]Sakanakun just isnt funny anymore.[/quote:15f44nmk]
i’ve never found sakanakun funny at all. i’m surprised that people actually laughed at him. all he does is say "gyo gyo".



screenshot please :(

what do you mean by screenshot? thumbnails perhaps?


did really yamazaki quit the show??? ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

answer me plzzzz

[quote="hamdyyysk47":2chihlzx]did really yamazaki quit the show??? ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

answer me plzzzz[/quote:2chihlzx]

You must be new to these ;P, he does this like every year as a joke, so no he doesnt actually leave.

[quote="StormCloudSeven":2q9pmk4i][quote="hamdyyysk47":2q9pmk4i]did really yamazaki quit the show??? ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

answer me plzzzz[/quote:2q9pmk4i]

You must be new to these ;P, he does this like every year as a joke, so no he doesnt actually leave.[/quote:2q9pmk4i]
yes lol but i watched the whole batsu games, kiki , and almost all the episodes in 2 weeks hhhhhh!!

thank you so much for your answer

I watched this episode again this evening, and it appears that early on Yamasaki is speaking in a Japanese dialect that is not his own (presumably for laughs and to be odd)-- note how when he says です it’s with a weird rising intonation.
Does anyone know what this is? It sound similar to the way the female announcer on Lincoln speaks-- and it doesn’t seem like the omnipresent Kansai-Ben.

Any help is appreciated! :)

Is it Ibaraki-ben?

It’s not a particular regional dialect.

Yamasaki is known to recycle what he did. A case in point is this clip and the third comment from the top.

Now, in #1047, Yamasaki appears with a rather characteristic hat. Does that ring a bell? If not, he might be trying to create some character.