GnT #999 Sayonara, Yamasaki

Yama-chan is gonna leave GnT, again. Oh, well…

Watch it while it’s still hot.


Thanks Rocky! Hopefully this is going to be put onto D Addicts soon :)

thanks for the upload… poor Yamasaki… at least he didn’t get slapped this time…

Thanks !

3D Avatar is awesome :D :D :D


its up!!!

Yamazaki is even better this year! His facial expressions are so~ hilarious! :D
I love Tanakas comment to him “Zutto kirai deshita” (I’ve always hated you).

i liked his dance moves especially with the arms going up and sideways.

You mean the “Kankei nai kara” gag that he stole from 2 other people’s gags lol.

Lol I just watched avatar before I watched this… although it wasn’t in 3D :(

I’ve never had the opportunity to watch a movie in 3D. I’ve experienced a 2D Imax movie, but never a 3D… Well I watched a 3D on our own TV screen, but it didn’t seem to really pop out at me it… it just more looked like a purplish 2D movie with maybe an extra inch of depth.

anyone got the raw file for this? give it to me pls ty 8)