Gollum's House

Here is a little video where the gaki team visits a new house for Endo. But what he meet there is far beyond the imagination:D

Length: Ep.1- 06:02, Ep.2- 07:14
Size: Ep.1- 39MB, Ep.2- 49MB
Subtitles: Yes, by Outlaws0020

[quote:3q0je81k]Part 1: [url:3q0je81k]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7JWYKY2D[/url:3q0je81k]
Part 2: [url:3q0je81k]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B7BQ8JWX[/url:3q0je81k]

Have fun!

(Edit: The posts are a little…weird now:/)

– Fixed.


this episode is a bit weird for my liking ^^ but I’ll still post it on here for others to watch :)
never liked lord of the rings or any movies like that! ^^ so I think "Gollum" is Yamasaki’s worst impersonation!!

Thank you very much slayeer and outlaw