Graphic Cards, Help!

So Black Friday is coming up and im looking into finally upgrading my crappy computer, something i’ve been wanting to do for years but too lazy to for some reason. =.="

To start off I should tell you i know pretty much nothing about computers… one of the reasons why i held back on upgrading it in the first place. By not knowing anything i mean things like the computer chips, the gigabytes stuff, and all the numbers, im ret@rded in that field ;P. But I do know how to USE a computer quite well.

I know some of you might be good at that stuff so i beg you plz help me a little on what to get so that my computer will be able to play games at better graphics and lag less. I did a little research and i read about how some cards might not work on all computers, some require more power supply and others have an actually physical difference on the clip and might not fit into the slot…that kinda worries me, i might buy a wrong one and waste my money

Windows 7
Processor: AMD
Athlon™ II
X2 215
Processor 2.70
Ram: 3.00 GB (2.87 GB usable)
System: 64-bit

If you guys need anything else plz lemme know.
I’ve looked up Amazon and here are some of the cards im considering, lemme know if they are good for gaming on medium to high-ish graphics, or gimme suggestions on what card you think is nice.

– XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB
$92 to 109 USD

– NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 1 GB with EcoIntelligence Low Power Design
$85 USD

– Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 - 1 GB
$64 to 70 USD

Mainly I need to know if these cards will work on my computer and if there is a difference between New cards and Used cards. I look up the Geforce 9800 and there is like 10 different kinds too with all the 512MB/1GB, and a bunch of other abbreviation behind the name…are they still just the same? Please help out thank you.


What kind of games would you like to play to? If you’re aiming for GTA IV at full details, you’ll need a very powerful card…

The cards you mentioned are IMO good enough to play to some relatively recent games at medium details.
But you have to see if they would fit with your current motherboard.

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Lol Kanzaki i believe u’ve complimented my avatar 3 times now xP, thx.
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How do i check if it’ll fit the motherboard? Theres been a recent RPG from nexon called Vindictus, it looks really fun but the graphics are quite high also. If these cards could play medium on that then its good enough for me. And will it make a difference if i buy a used graphics card or no?

If you mother board has a 16 pci e then it will fit those graphic cards. So basically look inside ur computer and if u see where the graphics card goes into u’ll see one long placement and a little longer placement at the end. Make sure your computer has enough watts to support it too. Which graphics card do u have now? And your answer to the 512 mb and 1 gb. The higher the number the stronger the graphics card.

Dont know how i finally managed to find it but right now its using the NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, its what came with the computer when i bought it.

Also the info stated "Also supports PCI Express x16 graphics cards" so i think it’ll be fine.

Somewhere in the Processor Upgrade Information section i found it saying "TDP 95 watts"…but the website selling the card doesnt seem to state how much power the card uses so i dont know if 95 watts is enough. Now my only 2 remainning concerns are whether or not the power supply is enough and if there is a difference in performance between used and new graphic cards.

Well you could open your case and look at the sticker on ur powersupply and post up the info. Also well I’m not technically sure if using a used graphics card is safe, but that’s ur choice. They all basically require atleast a 400w-450w power supply. The 9800 512mb requires 350w and is pretty okay if your hoping to play vindictus on medium I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a hassle. But first you have to know how much watts your power supply has. So check in on that.

ahh ok this i can help with.

looks like you’re upgrading an existing PC but you have no idea where to start. i assume your budget is around $100

The primary things you have to put into consideration is~~

motherboard compatibility
Power supply wattage
Available space (card length)

since you have no experience in this, obviously you wouldn’t know what to look for. But i can do that for you. All i need is the make and model. it’s usually it’s printed one of the stickers on the front of the pc, or the side panel , (for example hp pavilion xxxx or dell vostro xxxx). once i have that information i can help you pick out a card.

i play vindictus too :P
part time tech :bow:

*ahh i just noticed that you picked out a few cards already. those are all pci-e, so i assume thats what your motherboard can take? if so, look at this one instead ... -_-Product

might be a sale black friday for one of those,and for a little bit more money the 460 would be a far better choice in terms of performance per dollar. otherwise the 5670 is an excellent card as well.

found it, my model is Compaq CQ5210Y. Here are the info i think … ct=4005902

I’ve considered cards that are in the $120 range too, but if that 460 can play games like vindictus on high graphics for 40 dollars more then i think its a pretty good deal too…hmmm :^)

btw thx everyone for helping :) , im a lot closer to knowing what to buy then i was in the beginning xD

Ok im checking out the specs and everything except the power supply is good. this is unfortunate news but with a 250w power supply, Im afraid there isn’t any "gaming" card you can safely upgrade to. that generic 250 will probably self destruct from the power draw…and im not trying to be funny :@ .

with that said what this means is you’ll be adding 50-70 dollars to your upgrade budget to make it work with this machine.

at this price i don’t know it will be wise to invest in a older machine. because we’re looking at $200…

however, if you feel you are still some ways from getting a new machine and just need something solid to hold out through a few good games. Then this would be an excellent choice for a decent power supply. ... 6817341022

the 460 will dance circles around vindictus and then some. i have it’s much weaker and older sibling the 260 and i can play the game on max settings while watching gaki in HD :))). 460 has about twice that muscle.

as a side note both the power supply and video-card mentioned can be recycled to a future machine. you’re looking at 3-4 years usability from these parts. it’s not a total waste in investment, just seems a bit…lavish for the compaq is all.

it wouldn’t be surprising to see 460s in mid to high end gaming set ups.

good luck shopping/hunting!!! that video card is a must buy if it can be had for under $100. 2 months ago it was $300+

If I’m correct wouldn’t the gtx 460 add with the other components create a bottleneck computer? It wouldn’t be running to its full potential I mean he only has a duo core processor. Having a mid-high graphics card doesn’t mean that it’ll be better than ones that would run to their full potential with the duo core. But getting the gtx 460 is a good idea. Get it, get the power supply, and future I recommend getting a better processor.

hmmmm thats troublesome >.<
The problem with the power supply might not be too bad, i found one with 550watts for only $19 and free shipping. But im guessing that changing the power supply is going to be more complicated then just pulling out a graphics card and sticking another one back in. Not to mention slashobeint’s point of the dual core not being able to give the Geforce 460 its full potential.

Edit: I think i might just go ahead and buy both the geforce 460 and the 550watts power supply(this is the one, it’ll be enough right? … 6817170010). Since these parts can be removed when i do by a new computer in the future, so i’ll be buying them sooner or later anyways.

That won’t do it doesn’t have a pci-e connector

please keep in mind that the CPU shouldn’t be too weak otherwise a powerful GPU (grahpic card) wont give you the wished performance either. - like slashobeint pointed out.

a dual core is fine enough it just depends which one - quads are not always the better one, since many games still not support it and there are many duals which providing better performance.

Even thought the GTX 460 is a PCI-E 2.0 x 16 card, it could be used on PCI Express x16 1.x (But not with the same result as under 2.0) As long the power supply (make sure that the power supply is compatible with your motherboard) is providing enough and the CPU is not too weak, it might be fine, however i cant guarantee that. (BIOS update might be helpful too if there is one and if u run into troubles)

That PC wasn’t meant by HP to be a high end PC/Gaming. Just having 250 watt power supply and the integrated GPU (nVidia GeForce 6150SE) has also just 128 MB and not 256 MB
Even if you upgrade the power supply and get the gtx card and it will work. You have also to consider that more heat and noise will be created.

Which can mean, that u need either additional case coolers or even a better CPU cooler, which might also add more noise.
Also have you still warranty on it? a power supply swap will make u lose that.

To be honest… i wouldn’t put too much into that thing (since its was made for simply being office/home PC), even ur RAM is limited with being DDR2 nowdays PC2-5300 (667 MHz)
PC2-6400 (800 MHz) with DDR3 you can go up to 1600Mhz. Get something later with a better motherboard etc. which has PCI-e 2.0 or even 2.1 support, DDR3 support and support of recent & upcoming CPU’s

Last advise: you should for sure get a PCI-e GPU instead of using that integrated crap. I wouldn’t go for a gtx 460 maybe for something which is not 2.0 and wont need that much power. However i recommend to upgrade to 300-450 watt. the current 250 are pretty much at the limit and chosen to run the default system only.

Ok with all these new terms and numbers thrown at me i’ve decided to just wait until i get a new computer meant for gaming before i upgrade anything x.x

Lol on the bright side, at least now i’ve learned some stuff about computers…when i do get a new and better computer in the future i’ll recall back to these infos, thx for all the help everyone.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!

yea senkun summed it all up when he said this wasn’t meant to be a gaming system.

you can put fancy parts in an old hp and in the end, you will still have an old hp. There is always going to be compromises.

i think the saying goes "A chain is only as strong as the weakest link."

congrats you just saved some money :clap:

If you do know someone who is able to build a PC together (not just saying but truly know that he can) Get him to do so. Buying the parts solo is most of the time cheaper and also u can pick what u really want. With complete PC sets such as HP or other brands you have sometimes the issues that either things are inside u don’t need like a card reader etc and u pay usually for the name too etc And might end up not being later able to upgrade to ur wishes or needs. ofc PC Sets are more comfortable u just pick it up plug in and have a pre-installed OS and can work right away. While building up takes abit more time.

In case u have not such person (what sucks ofc) and since u current pc is from HP too. Maybe you might wanna take a look at the HP Elite series, various price range. ... lion+Elite

You can also read reviews there by peeps who own it already.
Any pc listed there is for sure far more better what u have atm.

If u have any question just ask =)