"Hamada is Watching"

I’m not sure if anyone has requested this already (I searched but couldn’t find any same threads, sorry if I missed one!) but during the [i:1xbhzr36]No Laughing SPY Batsu Game[/i:1xbhzr36], Endo mentions a previous Gaki no Tsukai episode called [i:1xbhzr36][b:1xbhzr36]"Hamada is Watching"[/b:1xbhzr36] (translation via Shibatabread)[/i:1xbhzr36] - does anybody have any information about it? It looked pretty funny, though I’m not sure if it is too early to ask since it seemed like quite a recent episode. Any clues?

Episode #1028 from 2010.10.31

Torrent: http://torcache.com/torrent/548D8CAD7AB … 87.torrent

Oh wow that was quick, thank you very much Hand! :clap:

Yeah…also this episode can be viewed here! :)

Excellent, thanks very much! (and its cool to see I am not the only Briton to like Gaki no Tsukai!) :clap:

That’s so cool :D But is there any subtitles ? Because my japanese is soooo bad xD And I don’t understand their dialect :confused: