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Matsumato and Hamada go way back according to this article on wikipedia

[quote:r3zcplm9]Hamada was born in Osaka to Kengoro and Nobuko Hamada. In fifth grade, his family moved to Hyōgo Prefecture where his father opened a paint store. There, he attended Ushio Elementary School and met Hitoshi Matsumoto. He and Matsumoto did not become friends until junior high. Like Matsumoto, his family was very poor and lived in an old, run-down apartment building. He claims his family was well-off in Osaka, until his father’s acquaintance got them involved in his own private debt with the yakuza.[citation needed]

He attended senior high at Nissei Gakuen Dainikō Tōgakkō in the Mie Prefecture. As a freshman, he found his studies so stressful that he ran away from the dormitory several times. Whenever he ran away, he would phone Matsumoto for financial help.[citation needed]

Not knowing what to do after graduating, he took an exam to become a motorboat racer at his father’s suggestion, which he failed.

In 1982, he and Matsumoto entered Yoshimoto Kōgyō, to become a comedy duo. They made their major debut in 1983.



Lots of [citation needed] but very interesting if true.

Yep they did grow up together. Go watch Matsumoto’s talk show, or Downtown visits their hometown on YT.