Heipo Spirit Camp- new ep 977 10/25/09

another scared Heipo episode


you mean 10/25/09 ?

Really fun to see, even for me (I don’t watch much unsubbed things often.)


[quote:3fjplocb][i:3fjplocb]Originally posted by Sh@d0w[/i:3fjplocb]
you mean 10/25/09 ?[/quote:3fjplocb]

thanks, corrected it

Heres the download link in MU of this episode:

[url=http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TG9VJK3X:3dmfp8l1][CENTER]:D[/CENTER][/url:3dmfp8l1] [CENTER](Click in the happy face to download a scared Heipo)[/CENTER]

could someone please sub this pleaseeeeee

The only one capable of subbing that is not currently involved in a project is Shibatabread, and he is taking a break after spending the last year bringing us the hospital and police batsu subs. Counting the subbers doing other things there you can count the number on one hand. Also, even if you are capable of subbing, it is a very long and tedius process, a gaki subber named blackgaki got burnt out on it a few months ago. Hopefully by next year I can lend a hand to the board and help with some subbing, but I’d probably sub my favorite episodes first before taking requests (shoji murakami classes+ itao arousal batsu)

Here’s the episode in Pandora.


Could someone upload the video again on veoh? (:

Is there someone subbing this one already?
I’m currently at 5mins of it, but if there’s already a subber I’ll stop.