Hospital intro/opening song?

Hello, first of all sorry if this topic was already in forums (ive search it but cant find it)

Ok, my question is: do anyone know what song/band is in the background at the openning of hospital batsu game?
–the 1 that sound like metal and has a female voice–

Thank you!

OMG!!! Edenbridge? realy? i have all edenbridge albums and never hear this song before!! <---- that sucks lol. Anyway THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! YOU´VE MADE MY DAY DUDE THANK YOU.

Wow, thank you so much for this.
I have never able to find the artist. I don’t believe it’s even listed on the DVD, unless I completely missed it.
And I have had couple of people asking for it.


you are my hero,i was searching for it for alsmost a year now
many thanks

I always hear this song but i never knew it is done by Edenbridge… Shame on me! :P By the way, thanks guys!