How did you learn Japanese?

I’m planning on learning Japanese on my own time, and I was curious how the majority of you went about learning it. Be it a class, you were raised with it, you used rosetta stone, whatever. Share with us, even the people that do nothing but surf the forums like me!

Also, any tips would be rad. :)

I used a book called Japanese in Magaland it isn’t 100% but it can help with basics also a program called Teach me more Japanese its listed #1 in a review beating Rosetta stone and just books from a local library can help to. hope this helped even if it was a little :D

i took Japanese for my foreign language at college.
plus watching every Japanese videos with subtitle helps too…
well that’s how i learn Japanese


I took Japanese in college, but they were using this book called "Genki" which I found out you can find in Japanese bookstores anywhere (mostly) or the internet. The book’s pretty useful and effective. Plus it gradually introduces you to kanji.

I really want to learn japanese too. I know basic phrases by watching so much japanese television (even some korean), but I would like to be able to hold a conversation or to understand fluently what others are saying.

Learning Japanese on your own is hard and takes a lot of dedication.
I also think you can never be a good speaker if you don’t have regular conversations with native speakers.

I’m in my 3rd year at university, studying Japanology, now and I can tell you it will take a lot of time. You can learn a big part of the grammar in 2 years, but there are also the Kanji and vocabs that will take a lot of time to learn.

I don’t know how old you are or what your educational background is, but I suggest you start to learning Kanji (1x ON, 1x kun and a Translation for each reading is a good way to start) until you can go take an university course.
I use Anki for Kanji learning.

You’re no going to be able to understand what others say until about 2 years of practice. It’s really hard since the Japanese tend to talk pretty fast.

First year or two, self studied in the US using a variety of sources such as: Rocket Japanese,,, and also trying my hardest to translate Gaki-No-Tsukai with the aid of a dictionary and Japanese friends as well.

Last year I started my exchange year in Japan as a High School exchange student where I’m so far out in the countryside of Japan that no one speaks English. So I’m forced to use Japanese 24/7 except on the computer, and if I happen to see a JET… Which is a good thing actually, but can be challenging at times too.

When I go to college next year I plan on taking college courses to maintain what fluency I have obtained although as for kanji I haven’t done too much active studying beyond what filling out Minna no Nihongo on a seperate notebook does.

I officially started studying Japanese in December of 2008, but prior to that I had been listening to anime in Japanese with English subtitles for about 2-3 years… which believe it or not DOES have some educational benefits with it, although do be careful as the Japanese spoken in anime is extremely vulgar and coarse.

I spent 4 yrs of high school learning Japanese culminating in an AP Japanese Class (the first for our county…and I was one of the folks that passed). After that, on and off Japanese courses in college where I’ve finished adv. Japanese and a 4th yr translation course. These classes provided me a lot of background, but I gotta admit, my Japanese really got better after watching lots of subbed Japanese comedy.

Been studying at language school in japan for soon 3 years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

simple…by 2 things
1.subbed japanese porn…
2.subbed GTO and detective school q series
im not fluent…but i kinda getting where am i gong

[quote="pleasebeapoop":2o1tg5yj]simple…by 2 things
1.subbed japanese porn…
2.subbed GTO and detective school q series
im not fluent…but i kinda getting where am i gong[/quote:2o1tg5yj]

LOL PORN, you know what confuses me? Japanese people shave their arms so they don’t seem as "dirty" yet they don’t shave their ahems :?: hope you all liked that interesting fact. (not sure if its true but its just something I heard so i guess its not exactly a fact wahaha)

anyway I was born a Japanese :) whoo!

[quote="Yuki":vr2ige75]anyway I was born a Japanese :) whoo![/quote:vr2ige75]

Cheater. :-p

Last month they released a second edition of Genki I, which in addition to updating the main content they now include the cd’s with the books instead of them having to be bought seperately. [url:2d6vpzqj][/url:2d6vpzqj]

and for which you can acquire at [url:2d6vpzqj][/url:2d6vpzqj].

I would also highly recommend any supplemental books you can get at [url:2d6vpzqj][/url:2d6vpzqj]; for instance you might want to look into the hiragana / katakana workbooks before starting kanji.

Avoid any books that exclusively use romaji.

2 years of college, 5 years of living there. JLPT 1.

well i watched animes just by hearing i can understand what they talking about. i subbed 25episode tv shows. now i can barely read some kanji

anyway I was born a Japanese :) whoo![/quote:3vohp47v]

nande yanen…

anyway I was born a Japanese :) whoo![/quote:1cbd0lws]

nande yanen…[/quote:1cbd0lws]


I’ve been busy with Japanese for a few years now.
I bought in the book ‘learn Japanese with manga’ => a frensh book though, not helpful
Then bought ‘Japanese for busy people’ it’s 3 book in total, but only bought the first one.
Watchign lots of anime and gaki no tsukai episodes helps too ;)

Today: I use a software called ‘Rosetta stone’ => awesome software if you ask me ;)
Learning a lot on a decent speed.