How to see Gaki no tsukai in live


does someone know if it possible to attend a live show ?

I tried to search on the forum but could not find anything, so sorry if subject has already been discussed.

At least I suppose they sell tickets for the ‘Down town’ TV program (even though I could not find where…).

The best would be able to go to the 24h hour special show.
I looked at the Gaki no tsukai official website but could not find anything.

Does someone has information about that ?


You apply on the official site (which requires you to live in japan) and is always full. Even more seeing a single guy in the audience is rare, not to mention never seen a foreigner.
The chances of you getting to see a live show is close to 0%.

Didn’t even notice you are in nagoya, what’s so great with living in japan that makes people want to move there?

Gojinki i think you need vacations dude :)

Thanks for your answer ^^

That’s true, I’ve never seen a foreigner too.
Anyway, it’s free so I will try if I find the form :)

A lot of things can make you move in japan:
a job, a girl, escaping from your country lol, or just because life is so different. It’s far from paradise but that’s a great experience.

i have to agree, first of all its not easy to even get a ticket - even as a Male living in Japan. Not just because they don’t do each week Manzai but general if audience is there, is almost always Female. Good example are when they are showing batsu games - at the intro or general the intro.
You see barely guys or at the Rock, paper, scissor event.

i bet u can find somewhere a reason why on japan tv show there are almost only females.

There is still that rule in japan - Female stays home, Male is working.
And those shows are never lives and shoot in the morning or afternoon where still everyone is working.

I believe even the last year 6 hours show, where they showed the footage of the hotel man batsu game was just recorded.

If you don’t mind paying 4000yen a month, you can watch Gaki via This is a java application which let’s you watch most of the Japanese tv with an half hour delay. You can also watch any tv progam that aired one week ago.