If you could be a Gaki member for a day who would you be???

Yeah!.. That question just came to my mind and i wanted to share it:

[CENTER][size=100:14ayjjjb][color=darkred:14ayjjjb]If you could be a Gaki member for a day who would you be and why???[/color:14ayjjjb][/size:14ayjjjb][/CENTER]

[color=red:14ayjjjb]NOTE:[/color:14ayjjjb] This question it’s open to ANY gaki member… Even the Staff.

My answer: I would be [b:14ayjjjb][color=limegreen:14ayjjjb]Yamazaki[/color:14ayjjjb][/b:14ayjjjb]… Laughing and doing stupid-simple-but very funny stuff all day long… That day would be awsome :lol:

[color=blue:18bgt1ze]Hamada[/color:18bgt1ze] cause i enjoy those [b:18bgt1ze]S[/b:18bgt1ze] moments…

Plus i love putting fear into people ;)

Even though my favorite would have to be Tanaka, I don’t think I want to be him for a day. Ha~

Either Hamada or Endo. I’d like to torture people like Hamada, but look like your having a lot of fun like Endo C:

Hmmn either Matsumoto or Yamazaki XD

Tanaka Naoki.

Simply because I want to see the world in his height lol.

i think i’d wanna be Matsumoto for the lulz, but if it came down to lifestyle, i’d go back in time, and be endo when he was with chiaki, LOVE her and not mess things up. <3 Chiaki

I guess I’d pick Hamada and slap the **** out of my friends :lol:
Mhmm…but I’d rather choose someone from the semi-regular cast like Suga Kenji. Being chief producer has its benefits :D

I’m not sure.

Either Tanaka or Matsumoto. Maybe Matsumoto, because he is always laughing and he make fun of himself.

i would love to be Hamada for a day :D
just slapping people on the head no matter how famous they are XD

Matsumoto or Endo.

They both easily laugh and are laid back so they would be my best fit. Although Matsumoto does get to have fun with Gackt…

Yea, but Hamada’s actually touched Gackt’s “magnum”.

Endo … he’s my fav :clown:

[quote:g6bi7cih][i:g6bi7cih]Originally posted by SpikeBender[/i:g6bi7cih]
Yea, but Hamada’s actually touched Gackt’s “magnum”.[/quote:g6bi7cih]

hahahahaha so true!

And also this…


i would love to be matsumoto for a day he laughs soo much. he also i think is the best 1 out of the whole cast.

[quote:22bh7tr0][i:22bh7tr0]Originally posted by SpikeBender[/i:22bh7tr0]
And also this…


I just want to kiss him once… i should go beat up Hamada :shifty:

I dunno if thats a fight you can win. Gorillas are quite dangerous.

I’m crafty… i’m sure i could shoot him in the bum with a tranq dart and then beat him up. :)

I’d bring brass knuckles, those lips can take a lot of damage.

Its a plan then! I’ll be over in a few so we can go beat up Hamada. :D