If you miss the last month's Gaki, you can watch them here

Since one month back Gaki has stopped being uploaded like usually, but you can stream them here.

http://youtubeowaraitv.blog32.fc2.com/b ... ry-18.html

Be warned though, pandora and youku fucking sucks. But better than nothing.


Thanks but you do know that senkun usually posts the latest episodes in 720p each week correct?

Really? Where??? :o
Always been downloading from d-addicts but gaki hasnt been uploaded there for soon a month now.
Since the kawashima shichihenge ep.

[quote="dannemannen":1y8nt0bk]Really? Where??? :o
Always been downloading from d-addicts [/quote:1y8nt0bk]

same here , where can we found them?
thanks in advance :bow:

Just click on the board Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende and scroll down.

The last couple of weeks the episodes haven’t been uploaded. We don’t know why but we will eventually get them soon ;)

just go get them at D-addicts … they always upload it

quality isnt too bad, but damn does it take a long time to load a video. :wasntme:

I post the episodes here, correct. (points at my Sig)

1042, 1043 etc are not posted either yet on D-A (Feffiroff seems to be unable to find them)

If u cant wait until the Torrent is out, Use that Blog site http://veohdownload.blog37.fc2.com/blog … ry-33.html
Its already pointed at Gaki no Tsukai, you just have to choose/ scroll the entry. sadly its Pandora only.

And any of those episodes have subtitles?? :( i downloeaded a lot of those and sadly i cant understand half of it…
The episodes i have are:
ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!! - march, april, may, june, july and august 2011 … no sub though :(

You can safely assume that unless a Gaki episode says it has subtitles in the subject line or post, it won’t have subtitles for months, if ever.

(why do people keep asking this??? It’s starting to annoy me XD;;:wink:

Be warned though, pandora and youku fucking sucks.

I strongly concur. Dailymotion or VeeHD instead.

But in my opinion don’t need to sub the whole video(s) (which, really, is a hard work, I know). Just a super resume about what they talk in each scene, in a post, can satisfy mostly of us (at least, who knows nothing about japanese language, me included).