Kenji Suga presents Monkey "SAIYUKI"

Chief producer Kenji Suga comes into the Discussion room dressed as the character “Monkey” from the late 1970’s classic TV series “Saiyuki” (English title: Monkey), Kenji tells the Gaki regulars to play 3 mini games… Tic-tac catch… hula hooping… and towel rinse, the losers of the 3 mini games have to dress as the other characters…“Pigsy…Sandy…and Tripitaka” to help Keji re-act a scene from “Saiyuki”.

Gaki no Tsukai Episode 845, Aired on 2007.03.04.
Video Link: [url:1qf6wus3][/url:1qf6wus3]

The hula hoop game was hilarious! :D

This can be watched on YouTube as well - [url:y6jhtlj5][/url:y6jhtlj5]

Here’s the episode in Megaupload.