Lincoln - Presidents

Anybody know the name of the song Hamada and two other guys sing at the end of some of the earlier Lincoln episodes?

It is: これが恋だと分からずに (Kore ga koi da to wakarazuni)

Please tell me if you find it because I have been looking for it a little but couldn’t find it.

I happen to have both songs from the Japanese itunes. If anyone wants it, i will be more than happy to post the mp3 for both

Could you? That would be great.

Here are the 2 songs by Sokonuke Presidents [底ぬけプレジデンツ] (Hamada, Miyasaki and Odake)
*[i:vqka270v]since my copies current have the fairplay drm due to being itunes japan,i created drm-free mp3 versions[/i:vqka270v]

Kore ga Koi da to Wakarazuni [これが恋だと分からずに]

Otoko no Ekisama [男の生き様]

both are megaupload mirrors

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oh great
I search in lnng time

Lincoln’ music Great

thank you very much :$