Lincoln Sushi Special

I’m having a weird problem where the video consistently won’t continue playing after the 5:26 mark. I’ve tried playing it on three different computers at three different locations. Is anyone else having this issue?

Also, thanks for the linkage!

Mine stops at 5:26 as well. Problem with the player I think.

This video is originally posted on Veoh, and the Veoh-vid is embedded in rayrac.

Because of the fact on Veoh, that u can watch full vids of a lenght of more than appr. 30 min only with installed Veoh-player, the vid stops after 5 minutes.

Here is the [url=]veoh[/url:2yvtwvee] link

I suggest to install the Veoh-Player, its free, and then you are able to watch and download all vids on veoh.

Thanks for the link alfred! I have the veoh player.