Lines Under Nose

In the Newspaper batsu game the captain of the editorial board (Takada Junji) has these drawn-in giant eyebrows and a line coming down from each nostril. Does any know what the story is behind that? Are the lines under his nose suppose to be a continuation of his eyebrows? Is that a caricature or parody of something else or something unique to Takada Junji?

Then in both the Hotel Men batsu game there was the group of men wearing towels celebrating the end of the year. The leader of the group (Ueshima Ryuhei) had a couple lines coming out of each nostril. I think he had the same lines when he appeared in the Spy Agency batsu game as well. Similar question as before, what’s the meaning behind the lines?

long nose hair perhaps?

I also guess that those are just long nose hairs.