Matsumoto & Eri II

Blackgaki is back!

Part 1: [url:2a0qjatg][/url:2a0qjatg]

Part 2: [url:2a0qjatg][/url:2a0qjatg]

All credit goes to [url:2a0qjatg][/url:2a0qjatg]

Awesome find Don, Im shocked to find that Blackgaki is back to subbing videos.

yeah, he had taken a looonnnnnnng break. but im glad he’s taken the time to sub these. hope he continues.

Didnt see any subs in those clips :s

Yay! BlackGaki is back! Kudos!

Anyway, was that even real? I mean of couse it wasn’t right? Cause all of the footage shot with Eri and Oonuma? Guess we’ll never know, who knows whether the fight between Hitoshi and Eri was real.

So funny by the way, with the big revelation that Oonuma was the secret lover and that Hitoshi was asking them to not film and turn the camera’s off and they ignored it and continued filming anyway!

haha if that wasn’t staged, it’s the stupidest love-triangle-settlement ever I mean “if I hold my breath longer than him you’ll take me back?” COME ON! XD

To be honest with you, when Matsumoto said he wouldn’t lose to Eri, he looked like he was fuming. So I think this may have actually been real.

Edit: Actually, apparently it is a fake relationship. BlackGaki even admitted it.


Treating it like a real relationship:

I feel bad for Matsumotto-san as this was indeed rather sudden and a day that was supposed to be made better by her presence went horribly wrong.

If I were in his situation in real life, I would be put off by her eagerness to have a competition over her. While sure it wasn’t like a fight or something major, it still gives me the sensation that she’s just toying with both men. So I wouldn’t do the competition to begin with (more than likely). If there was a competition and it played out like that, similar to Matsumotto-san I would have left, however I might wish them luck with their relationship rather than let my friends talk poorly of them.

Treating it like a drama scene:

The cameras still rolling despite his request is a dead giveaway that this is staged. It was a nice attempt to add realism, but I honestly feel that if this were for real the directors and cameramen would respect that more than they did.

Matsumotto-san’s anger kinda seems misplaced… if that’s the best way to describe it.

The Gaki team not rushing to his aid either proves it is staged or shows a lack of empathy…

I could go on but, overall not too funny of an episode.