Matsumoto Hitoshi - Heart

Another song i found and seemed to be quiet popular. I loved it, so you decided for yourself:p


Not bad at all :D But it’s amazing how the voice changed from the Haunted Mansion when he sang Ashita Ga Aru to this clip :D

you might be mistaken just a bit.

Matsumoto is singing a song by Fukuyma Masaharu (probably butchered it). He is the one playing the guitar.

I have a subbed HEYx3 special where Matsumoto challenged him and lost a billiards game. The batsu game was to sing that song at a Live Special.

The singer is highly successful and popular in Japan. It was announced that his grandparents (I’m pretty sure) were one’s of the many involved in the nuclear bomb strikes against Japan by the US in WWII.

haha. its funny when Hamada trips onto stage.

he has a good singing voice… not better than hamada but really cool

matsumoto really funny…

he thouht h’es lame… hahahaha…

He can sing…


can anyone provide a link to the video or upload again on youtube please?