Matsumoto in backstage

this video shows matsumoto behind the scenes , he looks kinda sad XD

enjoy , it’s in backstage of Downtown Dx show. ... rent=31161

what he said at the end looked seriously interesting but I didn’t understand a crop of it … XD I wanna know :envy:

Could someone please upload it to megaupload or youtube or something?
I can’t download it from that site. Tried making a user, but it won’t work…

I wanna see what it’s all about! :)

It’s already on youtube, there are 6 parts, here is the first:
"PROFESSIONAL ~Shigoto no Ryuugi~ Owarai geinin"
This documentary was very interesting, he talked about MHK too.

[quote="Hotarubi":24u3m2nx]It’s already on youtube, there are 6 parts, here is the first:
"PROFESSIONAL ~Shigoto no Ryuugi~ Owarai geinin"
This documentary was very interesting, he talked about MHK too.[/quote:24u3m2nx]

Thx! Gonna watch it right now:)

no that im trying to hint at anything… but i think this should definitely be subbed by someone… ::looks at Shibata:: :?: :?: :?:

but anyways, thx for the link! great find!

This is a very awesome documentary and while I couldn’t understand all of it, I do have some info from it that I can share before I go back to my Japanese translation hw:
-Just about everything he does is ad lib/improv. He show’s up not too much before a show and just lets it fly. Any planning remains in his head, and he almost never has a script.
-He always does his own makeup, no one else does it for him.
-When he does plan…he’s known for being creative and cutting edge (as much as possible for comedy anyways).
-He and Hamada do absolutely nothing together. In the scene where they’re preparing to film a Downtown DX show, the two don’t even make eye contact until they get onto stage.
-There was a point in the show where they asked "So what do you think of Hamada" and the answer more or less is that he hated him. If I paraphrased this correctly, Matsumoto said "By Friday, I wanna kill him. But then Saturday rolls around and I’m more or less ok again. It’s a cycle that continues to repeat itself over and over."
-While Matsumoto was growing up he was bad at school and sports. But the one gift he had was in manzai and making people laugh.

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I think too much is made of the Hamada/Matsumoto relationship being less close/friendly than one would assume.

After all these years, both of them are probably feeling a bit stifled by the characters they must maintain. Matsumoto must struggle a bit with not being taken seriously and Hamada has got to be tired of be looked upon as abusive and even called sadistic as if it were some badge of honor. Neither one can escape their set manzai roles anymore so they’re stuck together as a package deal in whatever projects they get interested in.

I’m assuming that there is a deep-seated affection and gratitude for each other but at this point Downtown is a business and the partnership has continual power struggles. Look at bands. They often start as a group of friends hanging out and having fun but when it becomes a successful business then the relationship gets very complex.

Because they seem to fit their manzai roles so well, it’s easy to assume Hamada is the leader but the bigger draw might be Matsumoto. In that case, Matsumoto might appear to have more power and seek control. It kind of reminds me of the Martin/Lewis comedy partnership here in the US long ago…