Matsumoto's Movie

Anyone else seen the movie Big Man Japan that Matsumoto stars in…
its an interesting movie.


I watched it on Netflix. It was interesting; a fake documentary. Personally I wouldn’t give it high ratings but it wasn’t that bad, and the first movie I got to see with my favorite Japanese actor in it. :)

I saw it. It is interesting if you’re a big fan of Machan, but overall the movie had most people disappointed, and I also thought it was a bit, well, boring. The monsters are hilarious, though.

There is a lot of talking so unless your Japanese is very good, you definitely need subtitles. I did.

There is a post about the movie already in the movies section

Yep, the movie is already a lil older
[url=][MU] Dai-Nipponjin (Subbed)[/url:2hicf8mp]

oh well i looked for it under its english name and didnt find it so thought it wasnt on here

here is a link to Big man Japan

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and here is a link for Matsumotos "Symbol" movie

i just dont have the taste to try those jap movies, every time i saw one ended with a terrible headache, like being hitted with a 32 Oz beer bottle

But if is the ol’ good matsumoto ill give it a try …someday

I got these 2 up on my blog as well as the drama Ashita Ga Arusa in raw format.

I’m debating whether or not to sub this drama.

Yes, sub Ashita Ga Arusa please. I give you hugs if you do. Also Symbol was pretty funny, I enjoyed it.