Media players, what do you use?

Didnt find a thread about them so decided to make one.

So id like to know what media player your using to watch these hilarious batsu games.

Im using VLC since im already familiar with it… but im having a hard time with MP4 videos because the vlc cant play the audio from them, so im watching MP4s with GOM player but the subtitles arent showing right. Maybe i should use both of them at the same time to get audio from GOM and video+subtitles from VLC! :D

I mostly use vlc for video files and Winamp for music.

I also heard of a special player: BS player or something from a friend. He said it automatically seeks subtitles for everything you play with it, might try it some time:p

Well I also use VLC for Videos but i use AIMP2 for Music. :)

I use VLC and Windows Media Player for videos and Itunes for music

For sub needing movies I use VLC, but the latest update kinda makes me think VLC got slower.
I really love the Linux Mplayer port for windows, its very fast.

Also Winamp for music ;D

CCCP + Media player Classic or Windows Media Player 12

And before someone ask how WMP 12 plays subs - take a look [url=]here[/url:2n1lf9za]

CCCP - Combined Community Codec Pack brings Media player Classic with.
[url:2n1lf9za][/url:2n1lf9za] <– (Good if u watch alot of Animes etc)

[quote:1it0sy8k][i:1it0sy8k]Originally posted by Senkun[/i:1it0sy8k]
CCCP + Media player Classic or Windows Media Player 12[/quote:1it0sy8k]

^ Ditto

K-lite + CCCP> Media player Classic - HC, KMPlayer and WMP12 for FLAC and MP3.

The install orders are KMPlayer, K-lite then CCCP. This should play pretty much anything.

The KMPlayer for videos here. foobar2000 for music. Plays anything EXCEPT ordered chapters… never been able to get it to work in The KMPlayer.

for videos i use VLC players to read everything (easy to use with subtitles) and Satsuki (media player classic) for the ones i can’t with VLC. they have a very clear interface without superfluous.
Winamp for all musics.
i think WMP is to heavy and slow. all my musics are sorted out in folders exactly how i want without software bug.

i just hate itune

i dont know where to start my first post, so here goes. i use CCCP+storm codec with MP11 (black). sometime use VLC to play broken video file. for now it plays almost everything installation order. storm codec> CCCP. there is a trick i use to install so that every time i open mkv file it will shows a list of player that i can use to open the file… quite convenient. :wasntme:

VLC for videos.

iTunes and rhapsody for music.

mpc-hc svn + specific codecs

for everything VLC