Migration of Forum

Hi all,

Given the many issues with PHPbb recently and the next version totally breaking the theme, with the plugins/add ons also breaking every time there’s an update… I’ve had enough

Therefore it is my plan to migrate the forum on to a more modern forum platform, Discourse, (not to be confused with Discord)

They have functionality in place for me to be able to migrate all users, posts, attachments, uploads, images etc to the new platform. This will be fully tested to make sure it all works before replacing PHPbb fully. When I do the migration proper, in order not to lose anything, I will place the forum in “read-only” mode in order to not miss anything

You can see the new platform in its test instance (which may be down when you try and access it) at https://discourse.gaki-no-tsukai.com PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AN ACCOUNT, I WILL DELETE IT

Comments welcome :slight_smile: